Wendel Auto Body Wins Softball Championship

Wendel Auto Body is your 2013 Co-ed Softball League champion.

Valley City Parks & Recreation District teams played eight games over four weeks to determine seedings for the league tournament on Sept. 11.

Captain’s Pub played to an 8-0 record for the No. 1 seed. Boomer's Corner Keg finished 5-3 for No. 2. Wendel Auto Body split their games at 4-4 for the third spot. NuBar went No. 4 at 3-5, and Tangen Construction took fifth at 0-8.

Wendel Auto Body beat NuBar 12-4 in their first game and 15-5 in the second on Aug. 7.

Boomer's Corner Keg defeated Tangen Construction on the same day, 17-0 and 15-6.

NuBar won the first game against Boomers Corner Keg on Aug. 13, 11-7, but Boomers took the second game, 16-8. Captain’s Pub beat Wendel Auto Body 8-5, then 17-8.

Wendel Auto Body shut out Tangen Construction, 22-0 and 16-0, on Aug. 21. Captain’s Pub beat NuBar, 14-3 and 18-6.

NuBar beat Tangen Construction, 16-0 and 18-3, on Aug. 28. Captain’s Pub edged Boomers, 16-4 and 12-11.

Boomers beat Wendel Auto Body, 9-5 and 6-1 on Sept. 4. Captain’s Pub whacked Tangen Construction ,16-1 and 16-4.

In the league tournament on Sept. 11, No. 5 Tangen Construction beat No. 4 NuBar, 5-1, in a playoff for the right to face No. 1 Captain's Pub, but Captain's Pub disposed of Tangen Construction, 17-2.

No. 3 Wendel Auto Body upset No. 2 Boomer's, 6-1, and Captain's Pub met Wendel Auto Body in the championship. Wendel pulled their second upset of the day and took home the League Champs crown, 7-4.

Boomer's defeated Tangen Construction, 7-0, for third place.

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