Washington Student Brings Pellet Gun to School; Immediately Confiscated

Heidi Harris
Staff Writer

A student at Washington Elementary School in Valley City brought an air-soft pellet gun to school on Friday, Feb. 2.

According to an email sent by Washington Principal Chad Lueck, “While on the playground, before school began, other students recognized the gun in the student’s possession and immediately informed school staff.  The gun was immediately confiscated and the student was brought to the school office.”

“We want you to know that the safety of our students and staff at Washington Elementary and Valley City Public Schools is our main priority and we take situations such as these very seriously,” Lueck writes. “We will continue to investigate this situation, along with support from our School Resource Officer Sean Hagen, and ensure the safety of our students and staff according to the policies of the district.”

Lueck asks those or those whose students who have information on the situation to contact either Lueck at 701-845-0849 or Chad.Lueck@k12.nd.us or Hagen at 701-840-9761 or Sean.Hagen@k12.nd.us.

“We would like to acknowledge the awareness and quick actions of our students that reported this information properly to school staff,” Lueck continues.

Superintendent Josh Johnson writes in an email, “Please know that while we do not comment or disclose information about students, we will follow district policy in handling this situation.”