VCSU Football Gets Back to Business

The late August sun hung over the northwest corner of Shelly Ellig Field for Valley City State's Red-vs.-White, open two-quarter running-clock scrimmage on Aug. 22.

Scores were left uncounted because the scrimmage was to be a showcase of Viking talent.

Freshman Kurtis Walls came in first at quarterback for the White team.

"(The scrimmage) went well," Walls said. "We executed. If we did something wrong, we went to the sideline, discussed it, and on the next drive it was fixed. Before we came out we were nervous, but after the first thump we did it how we know how to do it. Our team unity stood out."

Both offenses ran draws up the middle, short passes to the flanks and play action out of the spread with the occasional deep ball down the sidelines. The Red team stretched the corner on running plays and tore down the sidelines for big gains. The White team ran downhill between the tackles to punish would-be defenders. Senior running back Derek Elliot rumbled up the middle out of a spread formation for an early touchdown.

Sideline chatter from players, adjustments on the fly, and little delay between plays simulated a gameday environment.

"Reset it and go," called the coaches from the sidelines, to push the tempo. "Reset it and go."

The White defense made a statement by blocking a punt, and took possession of the ball with 4:03 left in the scrimmage on the Red 15-yard line, but the Red defense stuffed the run and held until freshman wide receiver Joshua Tovar leapt and caught a fade pass in the back-right corner of the end zone.

"We look forward to facing new teams and different situations," Walls said. "We'll prep for Jamestown and watch film. We're all excited."