VCSU‘Shatter the Silence’ Walk Oct. 8th

TR Staff
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By Chelsey Olauson
Valley City State University organizations VCAB, Res Life, and Student Senate team up in hosting an event on October 1st at 8 pm at Lokken Stadium to raise awareness against sexual assault. College is a place of learning, but an oft-unreported problem is sexual assault. Women’ gives startling statistics including that one in five women will experience assault, more commonly in the first and second semesters of college. NPR’s Anya Kamenetz discusses in her article “The History of Campus Sexual Assault” the usual absence of university response on this topic. Title IX decided that “schools must proactively prevent and respond to claims of sexual violence.” Culture in general is an important driver in the sexual assault problem, which includes high alcohol consumption, peer pressure, and attitudes toward sex on both sides of the equation.
 Allowing assault to become part of discussion removes the social taboo: Shattering silence is an excellent term for doing away with the usual closed conversation involving sexual assault. The public is invited to walk at Lokken to Shatter the Silence with VCSU on October 1st.