VCPS Prepares Public Survey

Valley City Public School Administrators are developing a survey for parents, students, staff and possibly the general public to garner input on how the schools operate.

On Monday, schools superintendent Dean Koppelman said administrators would meet Tuesday to discuss the particulars of the survey, which will be opened roughly in the first week of November to coincide with parent-teacher conferences.

“There isn’t anything etched in stone at this point, it’s actually in the stages of development,” he said, adding that Washington Elementary Principal Wayne Denault was coordinating the survey.

“That’s one thing Mr. Denault was going to talk to us about tomorrow: What audience do we have complete this? But I think it’s going to be open to pretty much anyone as my understanding is at this point,” Koppelman said.

The survey will cover operations, curriculum, technology and academic environment among other topics.

“What things do the public see and think we are doing well, what are some concerns with curriculum and technology, etcetera. It’s kind of a broad picture of operating the school. We’re also trying to make it kind of short and brief. If you get a survey that takes you 30 minutes we’re wondering how many people would fill that out,” Koppelman said.

Results of the survey are expected to be available in December or January.

The survey is part of an overall school improvement plan through AdvancED, the accreditation program Valley City Public Schools and many other schools in the state follow. Koppelman said there is talk from the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction of possible state legislation that would make AdvancED the standard for all North Dakota Schools.

In the spring, a team of educators from AdvancED will visit the schools to do an overview of the operations of the entire school system as part of the process of accreditation process.

“Accreditation is every five years and then we do more of a brief accreditation on just a few topics each year, but the major review is every five years,” Koppelman said.

“Apparently this AdvancED has been out there a few years now and evidently got some good reviews for its process.”