VCPS to Charge for Junior High, Sub-Varsity Games

Valley City Public Schools will start charging admission to junior high and sub-varsity games this winter.
The decision was made at the Valley City Public Schools regular board meeting Monday evening after a suggestion was made from activities director Marty Bratrud.
He said that charging $2 for adults and $1 for students for admission to seventh and eighth grade games as well as sub-varisty games should be enough to cover the costs of officials and basic equipment and prevent the activities department budget from deficit.
Bratrud said added costs of running the sports pushed the activities budget into the red zone of an itemized list of the school's sports costs.
Some Eastern North Dakota Conference schools have started charging admission to junior high and sub-varsity games and many are considering it, according to Bratrud.
School board member Rick Ross mentioned that the south gym in the Junior Senior High School has limited seating, and "if we're going to charge people, it should be a guarantee they get a seat." Bratrud agreed and suggested that if he cannot first avoid having games in the south gym, the ones that are held there will not have an admission charge.
The admission charge will begin with this winter's sports games and should continue following review from Bratrud.