VCHS takes 3rd in Science Olympiad

Valley City’s Junior and Senior High Science Olympiad teams had a strong showing at the North Dakota State Science Olympiad which took place at North Dakota State University on April 21.

The Junior High took third place overall out of 23 teams and the Senior High took 11th out of 24 teams.

The Junior High team consisted of freshmen Bekah Peterson, April Berntson, Sarah Schauer, Annie Hart and Alex Wittenberg, eighth graders Katelyn Nehlich, Sarah Montecuollo, Hannah Peterson and Chelsey Olauson, and seventh grders Drew Oberlander, Jacob Berntson, Erik Johnson, Miranda Wittenberg and Guy Gazeley.

The top finishers all took third place and were Berntson and Oberlander in the Mission Possible event, Nehlich and Olauson in the Mousetrap Vehicle, Witternberg and Bekah Peterson in Compute this and Johnson and Olauson in Forestry.

The Senior High team consisted of freshmen Brady Flemmer, Courtney Daws, sophomores Ashley Boe and Philip Mundform, juniors Rachael Schauer, Jarod Nelson, Caleb Peterson, Jolynn Gregoryk, Adam Hart, Brandon Breckheimer and Kamie Wagar, and seniors Austin Ross, Sonnet Grueneich, Allyson Surh and Natalie Ley.

Top finishers Wagar and Breckheimer took first place in the Towers event, Peterson, and Mundform took second in Fermi Questions, Dawes and Gregoryk took second in optics and Ross took third in Remote Sensing.
At the regional Science Olympiad held at Valley City State University a few weeks ago, the Senior High beat out 19 other schools for first place while the Junior High took 2 out of 15 teams.

The Valley City teams are coached by VCHS physical science teacher Cynthia Klabo and retired VCHS science teacher Dennis Friestad.
“She took my job,” Friestad joked. “I started coming back to help with Science Olympiad – she and Matt Nielson (VCHS teacher and coach) were coaching it for a couple years. I started coming back to help and it’s now my full-time hobby.”