VC Vet to Offer Discounts on Spays, Neuters

VC Vet, the Valley City veterinarian clinic, is offering a 15 percent discount to pet owners who bring their cats and dogs in to be spayed or neutered from September 17–20. The push to help control the pet population is from the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals, and specifically the spay/neuter committee.

“We want to get as many animals spayed and neutered as we possibly can, for people of whom cost is a factor,” said SVFA member Angie Martin.

The vet clinic performed roughly 600 procedures last year, and has 11 of 16 slots still available. The cost of the procedure varies between cats and dogs, as well as sizes, breeds and the amount of medication needed.
“This is just a good opportunity to go ahead and get this done, that way we have less animals roaming the streets that are homeless,” Martin said.
The SVFA is also preparing for its fourth annual Walk and Wag-A-Thon.
The event, happening Saturday, Aug. 25, is a major fundraiser for the organization. This year’s new events include a pet supply rummage sale, animal artwork and a 4-man dog obedience team demonstration.

Interested walkers are asked to fill out a brochure from and bring it along with pledges to the registration table between 10 and 11 a.m. at the Chautauqua Dog Park in Valley City. All pets are asked to be on their best behavior and be up to date on vaccinations.