VC Men Who Want to See VCPD Disbanded Submit Petition Draft to City

Heidi Harris
Staff Writer

The two men who drafted a petition to disband the Valley City Police Department have found a third sponsor and have submitted the petition draft to Valley City Auditor Avis Richter for approval.

Bob Drake and Tony Drake, who drafted the petition last month, and Lloyd Nelson are sponsoring the petition.

City Administrator David Schelkoph emailed a signed copy of the proposed petition to the Times-Record Tuesday afternoon.

Valley City Attorney Russ Myhre said Richter has 10 days to approve or deny the petition. If approved, petition sponsors can then circulate it for signatures.

The petition proposal calls for disbanding the VCPD and shifting all law enforcement responsibility to the Barnes County Sheriff's Department.

Bob told the Times-Record last month that his proposal means the city would still be protected but the sheriff's department would be in charge of protection.

Petition sponsors say saving tax payer dollars and the chance for Valley City residents to vote for the person who leads their law enforcement agency are the main reasons for drafting the petition.