Valley City Might Change Stop Signs Near John Deere

KLJ, Valley City’s engineering firm, recently completed a traffic study on the corner of 12th Avenue and Seventh Street SE. The area is located on the end of Winter Show Road, just north of the interstate. The intersection has heavy traffic from employees at John Deere, which is located on the east side of the intersection.

Valley City City Administrator David Schelkoph said that the results of the study signify that if the two-way stop signs on that intersection were to be reversed, traffic flow would increase by 37 percent.

Right now, the stop signs are on the east and west, but the city might consider moving them on the north and south end.

“With over 300 people working out at John Deere, it would probably be better to have the stop signs north and south,” Schlekoph said, adding that they want to make the change the right way.

“If you change something like that right away, there is a safety issue,” he said. “A lot of truck traffic comes down that hill.”

Chad Petersen of KLJ said Tuesday that the study was conducted for one day last fall during the peak early morning hours between 5 and 9 and again during the peak afternoon hours between 4 and 7, “basically catching normal business work hours — catching people getting off work, or the shift changes at John Deere.”

After the study was conducted KLJ looked at either reversing the stop signs to or making the intersection a four-way stop patrol.
“The allway stop didn’t meet warrants based on current traffic counts,” Petersen said. “There wasn’t enough traffic counts in both directions.”
The speed limit on both roads is 25 mph.

Schelkoph said the city will likely hold a public meeting, seeking input from local residents who would be affected by the change.

John Deere officials had asked the city to conduct the study, but Schelkoph said city officials also wanted to look into how they should handle the intersection operationally, especially during winter storms.