Valley City Invitational Results

Team standings
1. Fargo North, 181; 2. Grand Forks Central, 175.5; 3. Jamestown, 170; 4. Valley City, 157.5; 5. Wahpeton, 109; 6. East Grand Forks, 100; 7. West Fargo, 87; 8. Aberdeen Central JV, 73; 9. Carrington, 64; 10. Larimore, 59; 11. Kindred 53; 12. Grafton, 43; 13. Lisbon JV, 34; 14. Central Cass JV 18; 15. Ellendale-Edgeley-Kulm and Roll-St. John, 0.

VCHS Results
JV106- Josiah Crump, 2nd place: Pinned Jenkins, GFC, :46; Pinned by Stremick, FN, 1:54; def. Keopplin, Car, 16-14; pinned Wuori, Rol, :23.
JV145- Evan Carroll, 4th place: Bye; lost by sudden victory to Hersch, CC, SV-1 9-7; pinned Grotjohn, AC, 4:17; lost by decision to Johnson, Lis, 8-7.
JV170- Masyn Olson, 3rd place: Pinned by Mensing, CC, 1:56; pinned Bathie, FN, 2:29; Tech fall over Lukas Bakewell, FN, 15-0; Pinned Mensing, CC, 2:47.
JV182- Christian Swenson, 2nd place: pinned Lavallie, Rol, 2:01; pinned Nguyen, FN, 2:06; pinned by Azure, Rol, 2:14.
V106- Cole McGough, 3rd place: Bye; won UTB over Goethals, AC, UTB 2-2; pinned by Gregoire, Lar, 1:22; tech fall over Leen, GFC, 17-1; pinned Jacobson, Lis, 4:45.
V113- Logan Erlandson, 6th place: Bye; pinned by Carr, Car, :56; Bye; pinned Thiel, W, 4:05; pinned by Franek, WF, 1:17; pinned by Bakke, K, 2:42.
V132- Everett Komrosky, DNP: Bye; lost by decision to Peltier, EGF, 11-8; lost by decision to Thiel, W, 15-9.
V138- Mark Miller, 3rd place: Bye; Pinned Thompson, K, 1:32; lost by major decision to Yanish, EGF, 12-0; def. Litzinger, GFC, 5-4; won by tech fall over Feldmann, Lar 16-0.
VC145- Reed Beckman, 2nd place: Major decision over Pergande, WF, 10-0; pinned Vanyo, EGF, 1:36; major decision over Dolan, G, 16-7; Lost by forfeit to Meyer, W.
V152- Taylor Johnson, 3rd place: Bye; pinned Kringstad, G, 1:47; pinned by Braun, J, 3:02; pinned Wagemann, FN, 2:45; major decision over Flakus, AC, 13-0.
V160- Shane Undem*, 1st place: Bye; pinned Ray, AC, 1:57; tech fall over Worral, FN, 23-8; pinned McNary, W, 5:30.
*Three-time tournament champion
V170- Zach Doty, 2nd place: Bye; bye; def. Goodman, FN, 9-2; lost by decision to Fish, GFC, 5-2.
V182- Jordan Magnuson, 2nd place: def. Levi Vangsness, K, 8-6; pinned Fryer, AC, 4:55; pinned Montgomery, Lar, 4:38; pinned by Gumke, J, 1:05.
V195- Jaiden Opatz, DNP: Bye; pinned by Rodriguez, WF, 3:15; bye; pinned by Shipley, J, :33.
V195- Dustin Lindgren, 6th place: Bye; pinned by Rook, FN, 2:33; bye; pinned Martin, Lar, 1:48; lost by decision to Deziel, EGF, 8-5; pinned by Shipley, J, 1:51.
V220- Wyatt Bjornson, 6th place: Bye; pinned by Thompson, EFG, :50; bye; pinned Reistad, Lar, :27; pinned by Anderson, J, 1:47; lost by injury default to Escobar, GFC.