Valley City Flooding: In the Clear

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
While Fargo/Moorhead sees snowmelt and rainwater contributing to a slow rise and secondary crest in the Red River, Valley City has the luxury of enjoying the sunshine and welcoming spring’s warmth without the threat of flooding. The Sheyenne River, whose initial crest was a bit difficult to predict, is now at a level of about 12 feet (as of April 17) and the city can expect to see that level going down as the US Army Corps of Engineers began to reduce outflows at Baldhill Dam on April 16. The Sheyenne’s tributaries’ levels have also continued a downward trend and Lake Ashtabula is sitting at a comfy 1267 feet.
And though the spring flooding threat has all but dissolved in Valley City, the public is urged to stay off the water. Fire Chief Scott Magnuson told the City Commission on April 16 that he knows the power of the river personally, recalling the time two of his friends went over the dam in town when the river was at a similar level/current and both had to be rescued. Grand Forks had a kayaker in distress rescued on the Red River earlier this week, as well. The water can be deceiving, but it’s moving fast and is a force to be reckoned with. Stay safe. Stay off the water.