Valley City Celebrating Parks and Rec Month This July

Donovan Williams
Staff Writer

July is here and something everyone in Valley City seems to be talking about is the town's involvement in Parks and Recreation. With this on the horizon, there are many possibilities for events, fundraisers, and a variety of other things to benefit Valley's citizens.

Ashley Martinson, coordinator of Valley City's Park and Recreation, was happy to share her input in an interview with Times Record, "For the first time we are doing July as Park and Recreation month. It's a national event that has been going on since 1985, it's honored everywhere in the U. S. and Valley City is finally doing something with it. We have a complete schedule of events, anywhere from fitness classes on glide-boarding to Family Golf night. There are game days in the park, painting in the park, we partner with a lot of organizations as well."

More on this story can be found in the July 10 edition of the Times-Record.