Valley City auditor receives leadership award

Valley City Auditor Avis Richter received the Innovator Award at the Municipal Government Academy awards ceremony during the North Dakota League of Cities’ ninth annual workshop held March 20-22 in Bismarck.

Thursday Richter said she received the award for specialized training she received both through the league of cities and the Municipal Finance Officers Association.

“It is for training I receive throughout the year,” Richter said.

She said the advantage of the training for her and Valley City is “it increases my learning and understanding and broadens my knowledge. It's new information on budgeting … or dealing with the public. New hot topics in North Dakota.”

Richter said she signed up for the program in 2010, and this is the first time she has received the award.

“It takes real effort to achieve this honor,” said Nicole Peske, education and training director for the North Dakota League of Cities. “Their city should be very proud of them and will definitely see the benefits of having an individual so committed to the future of the community.”

The Municipal Government Academy’s Leadership Training Program recognizes city leaders for their dedication, time and commitment in making their communities better places to live. Award winners receive credits in the Leadership Training Program by attending conferences and training events sponsored by the North Dakota League of Cities.

Thirteen LTP participants were recognized for achieving the first level or “Innovator” award, 12 city leaders achieved the “Visionary” award (60 hours of training), six individuals achieved the “Leader” award (100 hours of training) and one person reached the “110 percent” award that requires 200 hours of training.

Said Richter, “there are different benchmarks and I will proceed up the ladder.”

She said the program is “continuing education” for auditors. “I do get called on for solutions to new situations the city finds itself in.”

Asked for her reaction to the honor, Richter said, “I'm proud of it, and I appreciate the recognition. I will continue with it and continue learning and improving.”