Tower City Reunion this Friday

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By Donovan Williams
Tower City Class of 1958 Reunion will be held Friday, September 14th, 5 p.m., through Saturday, September 15th at the Tower City Travel Center Cafe.
Jackie O'Neill, the chairperson, has put together several reunions for her fellow classmates in the graduating class of '58 and has been looking forward to coming together again.
Since the group graduated, Buffalo, Fingal, and Oriska have all merged with Tower City's School.
O'Neill and her friends were asked by the superintendent to come speak and inform the current students how much has changed since their time. They will be meeting to speak to the students in the school commons on the morning of Friday, September 14th. "There has been a lot of change," O'Neill stated, "I think the students will be interested to hear how different things are now."
O'Neill has expressed excitement for reunions and was happy to share her thoughts with the Times-Record, "It's very exciting, because it keeps us connected, and I know there have been gatherings in Tower City from other classes, but I don't think there has ever been a class like that of 1958 that has stuck together," she said. "Even in non-reunion years, many of us are connected all of the time. We're in touch, regardless if there is a reunion or not. It's very fun because there were only eighteen of us. Because it was a small group, we were kind of just like a family. There were eleven guys and seven girls."
Of the eighteen individuals, four have passed away since their graduation but that doesn't keep any of them down. Everyone who has taken part keeps coming back and makes the most of their time.
O'Neill said her classmates aren't as far apart as people may think, with some in Tower City, West Fargo, Litchville and other parts of North Dakota, and others in Montana, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Texas.
O'Neill has all sorts of ways to keep the events interesting. "I do all of the organizing. I put together a twenty-three-page booklet for everybody. That alone has been a huge project. My question to them is 'What in our lifetime have we accomplished or experienced that is unique to you?' I think it would be fun to hear. Each person gives me an update on their lives from the last five years. I got one from every single person this time. I retyped responses from the fourteen people, so fourteen pages of the twenty-three- page booklet are the updates for everyone to read. I've cried and laughed over a couple of stories thinking, 'What a fabulous group of people we are!' It's just a warm, wonderful time."
O'Neill expressed how important this gathering is for her. "This year is actually extra special. It probably will be the last organized reunion where there are actual dates chosen in advance because we're all getting older. We're getting close to 80, travel and health are becoming more difficult. So, this might be a last, bittersweet event since it will be the last organized one. Not to say that if someone wants to put something together, that could still happen. But as of now, I don’t think there will be any more organized ones after this."
She said there is still a door open to possibilities, rather than one slammed shut. She, and likely her fellow classmates, don't so much focus on the negatives of the situations, but more on the joyous times with loving people.
"I feel very blessed that twelve of us, from 1958, can get together at one time in one spot," she said.
O'Neill also wants to let senior citizens in Tower City know that there will be a brunch on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and that they are free to come.