Tower City Park Gets Grants

TOWER CITY – Tower City’s park continues to benefit from grants that help the public facility to keep growing.

Scott Tichy, a member of the Tower City Park Board, said Thursday two years ago the park received a 50/50 matching state recreational facility grant that allowed the park board to put in a new playground.

About two weeks ago, the park board finished putting in a 1,200 foot walking path around the park it built with a 2011 national recreational trails grant.

Tichy said the total cost for the project was about $47,000 – with a small matching amount required for the grant, Tower City’s cost share was only about $9,000. “That’s a good deal.”

Along with that grant, Tichy said “we just got a small NDSU grant to put in trees for an arboretum.” With that grant, Tichy said 10 different species of trees will be planted in the park.

Members of a Barnes County 4-H Club, the Better Livestock 4-H Club, have agreed to help put in the trees as a community service project, Tichy said.

Most of the club members are from the Tower City area, “but some are from other areas too,” including Valley City.

Two of Tichy’s daughters – Megan and Emma Tichy – are members of the 4-H club.

“It is a service project for them. Our kids and the rest of the club are super excited about it,” Tichy said.

Tichy said the major improvements to the Tower City Park are important to a city the size of Tower City. “The town itself is excited about all the stuff coming into the park – a little town of 250.”