Tourism Staff to Visit Oriska: Survey data will provide info for future

Special to the Times-Record

Bismarck, N.D. – North Dakota Tourism staff are hitting the road in July to work at several high-traffic visitor areas throughout the state, as well as at new sites in oil-impacted areas.

North Dakota Tourism representatives will be at designated visitor centers and rest areas to gather traveler information via a survey and provide traveler assistance. In addition to surveying travelers at traditional visitor sites, they will go to two crew camps and one very busy C-station to survey camp residents about their leisure and travel interests.

“July is primetime for summer travel, making it a great time to talk with travelers one-on-one. We’ll be able to get information about their travel patterns, answer their questions and provide tips about the fun things to see and do in North Dakota,” North Dakota Tourism Director Sara Otte Coleman said.

This is the second year North Dakota Tourism has conducted a traveler intercept survey. New to this year’s survey strategy is the addition of crew camps in the Dickinson and Williston areas and the C-store in Stanley.

“People who have moved to North Dakota’s oil patch represent a new opportunity for North Dakota’s tourism industry,” said North Dakota Department of Commerce Commissioner Al Anderson. “By surveying them, we’re able to get insight into their travel patterns and recreational interests in the state.”

Information gleaned from both surveys will be vital for future marketing developments. “North Dakota Tourism uses a research-driven marketing strategy, and the information gathered during July will be additional insight we can use to fine-tune our marketing strategies to ensure their effectiveness and stay relevant to the trends,” Otte Coleman said.

North Dakota Tourism also will ask locally-staffed visitor centers to ask their visitors to conduct and gather surveys.

North Dakota Tourism staff will be at the Oriska Rest Area Friday.