Tech Students Cycle Through Projects

It has been weeks since the new press boxes have been mounted on the stands at Hannah Field, the home of the Valley City Hi-Liners. The boxes were built by students at the Sheyenne Valley Area Career and Tech Center as a project for last year’s construction class, and at the SVACTC Board meeting, Director Jeff Bopp said they are not done with them yet.

“We’ll be doing another small project there,” Bopp said.

“We’re going to do some verbiage, some signage on them as well. The commercial arts program is in the process of building 2-foot-wide and 22-foot-long signs that will go on the stadium side of the press boxes below the windows.”

Elsewhere on campus, construction students were prepared to begin building a house as a class project, but there was a holdup with some of the materials. For now the students will build something else instead.
“We made the decision: ‘Well, lets build a shed. Let’s not have these kids sitting around doing nothing for two to four weeks,” Bopp said.
The center was fronted some material by Valley Lumber, which will be paid back after the sale of the building, and profits will be reinvested back into the center. Bopp said he was “99.9 percent sure” he already had the building sold.

In yet another part of the center, information technology coordinator Frank Egan’s class is finishing up a long-term project where his students built computers for the Veterans Home in Lisbon. The project was funded by donations from the VFW in Enderlin, of which Egan is a member. As a service activity, Egan takes his students to the home to set up the computers and teach the veterans how to use them.

“I visited with the kids after they’ve been there and they really enjoyed the experience,” Bopp said. “They thought it was really cool to sit down with the veterans for an hour or two, setting up a Skype (video chat) with a buddy that they haven’t seen in a long time.”