Teachers, Board At Impasse

Negotiations between Valley City teachers and the school board have hit an impasse with the board voting unanimously Tuesday to end the negotiation period with the Valley City Education Association.
Valley City School Board President Joyce Braunagel announced after the school board and its counsel met in executive session, that an impasse would be declared as board members had learned that day that the VCEA had already notified the state of an impasse.
With the VCEA and the school board at odds over health insurance costs, pay increases for teachers, and sick day banking, a state-appointed fact finding commission will examine both sides of the debate.
The North Dakota Century Code established the factfinding commission as the next step in the process to "consider the facts, make its findings, and issue a recommendation; or consider the report and recommendation of its factfinder and, after any further investigation the commission elects to perform, make its findings and issue a recommendation."
The factfinding committee will address issues that divide The Valley City Education Association and the Valley City School Board then make its findings public known in a public hearing, likely to be held in October.
If after the factfinder makes its recommendation, the issues are still unresolved, a mediator could be called back in and recommendations published. The next step for teachers would then be the North Dakota Supreme Court.

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