Streetscape Questions Answered

Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

On May 7 the Valley City Times-Record responded to the community's concerns about the Streetscape Project by asking our readers to comment through Facebook with questions that they would like answered about the project. The Times-Record then promised to help readers find answers to those lingering questions the best way that it knows how, by taking those questions directly to city officials.

Due to uncertainly last week with the rejection of the first bid, finding a time to get those answers took a little longer than expected, but on Tuesday, May 22 the Times-Record sat down with Mayor Dave Carlsrud, City Administrator Dave Schelkoph, City Finance Director Avis Richter, City Attorney Lilie Mertins, and KLJ Engineer Chad Petersen and asked questions based on responses received.

Read their responses in the May 24 edition of the Times-Record.

[First Map]
This Urban Grant Program Valley City Focus Area map identifies the main area of focus for the Urban Grant Program as identified by the NDDOT. A similar map was provided to each of the 12 urban communities in North Dakota.

The green lines represent roads in the NDDOT's Urban Roads Program, a program the city receives a certain amount of NDDOT funding for every year which then allows the city to update these designated roads through a cost share.

The black box represents the focus area for the NDDOT Urban Grant Program funds, which is the new NDDOT program developed to help kickstart Governor Doug Burgum's Main Street Initiative. It depicts that these grants are given to only downtown area projects and projects in which the area can be proven to connect people to downtown.

[Second Map]
This conceptual map provided by KLJ identifies in blue the current stretch to be updated in the potential Streetscape Project which is set to include new streetlights, traffic signals, wider sidewalks, bumpouts, and other safety updates.

The orange and black dotted line depicts the Third Avenue SE reconstruction, which was approved during the May 15 city commission meeting. Because the area was identified as a connection road to the downtown area, it fell under the Urban Grant Program receiving grant funding and enabling the city to put up decorative lighting as well as save the funds that would previously have come out of the Urban Roads Program for another project.

The purple line depicts the portion of Main Street that is currently being reconstructed along with the addition of permanent flood protection. Decorative lighting will be included in this once the project is complete.

Finally, the red lines highlighted in yellow represent Phase II of the Streetscape Project. Plans are being developed currently to apply through for funding through the same grant process in order to place streetlights on the rest of the southern part of Central Avenue, on Main Street as far west as Third Avenue SE, and throughout City Park. While no funding is yet obtained for this portion of the project, these areas have been identified as providing a direct connection to the downtown area, making them eligible for funding. For more on the long term plan look to future editions of the Valley City Times-Record.