Special Story Hour During Library Chocolate Day

Special Chocolate Day Story Hour at Library
Special to the Times-Record
Wednesday Valley City junior high school teacher Kristi Shanenko and her third-period eighth-grade reading class did a special library story hour recently at the Valley City/Barnes County Public Library.
The special story hour was in connection with the library's annual Chocolate Day fundraiser Saturday which raises money for children's materials.

Said Shanenko, “There were 17 eighth graders who helped out this time - and no one was absent! It's our second year that my eighth graders and I have hosted Story Hour, and both years it has been on Chocolate Day. We are happy to be asked back each year and don't mind making this a tradition!”

Children's Librarian Mary Ann Anderson said the event began at the library “at least 20 years ago – a long time ago.”

As Anderson recalls, “We went to a workshop, and people from (the public library) in Wahpeton talked about their fundraiser called Chocolate Day. Since it's still going after 20 years it has been very successful. The Eastern Star ladies help and price items and volunteer. We ask people to both bring in and buy items” for the sale.

Along with the chocolate sale, Anderson said the libraryhad a sale of new and used books.

“Because we have such a large group of hosts, we split up into committees and run four stations: story, games, snack, and coloring. The eighth graders sign up for committees according to their interests. Students choose the games, pick the snack, select the book, and find the coloring pages. It's a great exercise in planning ahead and in following through on the actual day.”

Paul Riemerman contributed to this article