Spay/Neuter Week Sept. 17-21

TR Staff
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By Donovan Williams
From September 17 through 21, the Valley City Veterinary Hospital (partnered with the Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals) will be holding the annual Pet Spay/Neuter Week event.
Doctor Jennifer Fischer, with the Veterinary Clinic, spoke to the Times Record about the importance of spay and neutering and why people seem to shy away from it. When asked if the numbers of stray animals had gone down, due to this procedure, Fischer stated, "No, unfortunately because we always have that set of people who thinks having a litter of puppies or kittens is going to be a great experience, cute, whatever the case. Then there's just another sector that just never thinks about it. There is a certain sector that doesn't believe in spaying or neutering, which is fine, but it is possible to contribute to certain types of cancer by not spaying or neutering. The biggest issue is those animals getting out and breeding and reproducing more unwanted puppies and kittens."
Despite the disappointing statistics and the ever-growing stray population, Fischer said that the clinic is still fairly active in the procedure, "We usually do at least four a day, three times a week. We're not always full, but have spaying and neutering every week."
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