Sheyenne Valley Backing the Badge to Host Community Extravaganza

Sheyenne Valley Backing the Badge is hosting a Community Extravaganza on September 1st on Central Avenue starting at 6 p.m.
Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

On September 1st Sheyenne Valley Backing the Badge is hosting its first Community Extravaganza on Central Avenue beginning at 6 p.m.

The event will offer all community members a chance to see the Valley City Police Department, Barnes County Sheriff's Department, Valley City Fire Department, Barnes County Ambulance Service, Barnes County Dispatch, City County Health, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and Valley City Public Works Department all in one place.

Kids can see the emergency vehicles and meet those who use them every day, making them more comfortable in a situation that may require help and fostering a stronger bond between those who strive to keep the community safe and the every day citizen.

Musical entertainment, children's games, prizes, inflatables, and a free meal for the community will also be part of the September 1st celebration to take place on Central Avenue.

Erin Hannig, Co-President of Sheyenne Valley Backing the Badge, stresses a want for the community to feel more connected with those that strive to protect them, stating, "We don't have a ton of officers and to know that people can go and talk to them and to know they are human -- that is a big part of it."

For more on the Sheyenne Valley Backing the Badge group and their community involvement see the Wednesday, August 17 edition of the Times-Record.