Search for Missing Student Expands

LAKE ASHTABULA, N.D. – Several dozen people looked quizzically to the sky on Saturday as a small airplane, flying very low, coasted over the lake’s landings and campgrounds. The plane was just another fiber in a slowly unraveling rope that is tying together a very unusual case in Valley City.

Amber Marcia Glatt, a 22-year-old Valley City State University student, was reported missing at 10:10 p.m., July 4, by her boyfriend Andy Mushet.

The airplane was flown by one of eight pilots who took to the sky over the weekend to search for Glatt. The search, which included VCSU, law enforcement and local residents, added campgrounds to a list of her possible locations because a small red tent is one of the few items missing with Glatt, including her grey Mitsubishi Lancer that had a broken rear drivers side window broken out and 3/4 of a tank of gas in it. Glatt’s cellphone was left behind.

Glatt, who suffered a head injury in the summer of 2010, has had two bouts of retrograde amnesia in the past 2 years, one in her hometown in Virginia and one last year in Valley City. Her last amnesiac episode lasted approximately 30 days.

Mushet told Valley City Police he found a note from her stating she had amnesia, but her mother, Amy Rines, told reporters she doesn’t believe her daughter wrote the note after receiving a faxed copy from the Valley City police. She also said her reaction her prior episodes were to stay in one place, not to run away.

On Friday morning, VCPD dispatchers said they had received several calls on the case so far. One man from Wahpeton claimed he saw the missing vehicle in parking lot in the city the day before, but Wahpeton police were unable to locate it. Another call came from a Jamestown man who said he saw the woman and her vehicle at the Tower Travel Center in Tower City, but again law enforcement was unable to find her or it.

Glatt is a 5 foot, 4 inch tall, 96 pounds, with brown eyes and medium-length brown hair. Her car has virginia license plates, XFK 1538. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call law enforcement immediately.