School district looks to improve

The Valley City School Board discussed how and why the district failed to meet the goals of the No Child Left Behind Act and how they were going to work to achieve them in the future at Monday’s regular board meeting.

Adequate Yearly Progress is the measuring stick used to judge the performance of students in reading and math as well as graduation rates. For the second year now, the district failed to meet AYP and has now been identified as a school in need of “program improvement,” which is the first of an increasingly stricter list of consequences. Valley City is actually the last large school district in the state to fall under the program improvement consequence.

“We’re proud of our school system and we’re proud of our staff and students and everyone involved in making education work for kids,” said superintendent Dean Koppelman. “We will do whatever we can to help our kids. We’re a very proud bunch here in Valley City and this kind of news doesn’t sit well with us.”

A full report will be printed in Thursday’s edition of the Times-Record.