Saturday Farmers Market celebrates Dairy Month

Special to the Times-Record

Saturday, June 23 from 10 am to 12 noon the Farmers Market will celebrate National Dairy Month by having free samples of yogurt available for the first 200 people that come to the market. A variety of flavors will be available.

The Farmers Market is partnering with the Young People’s Healthy Heart Program at Mercy Hospital and the Midwest Dairy Council for this event, and will have many recipes for people to pick up that use yogurt.

In 1937 farmers that raised dairy cattle started to promote their product and they set June as national Milk Month. The name has been changed to National Dairy Month to promote the consumption of all dairy products. The slogan used today is ‘3 – A – Day’, meaning that we should consume at least three servings of dairy foods every day.

The reason the number ‘3’ was chosen is because each serving of dairy (e.g. 8 oz of milk) contains about 300 mg of calcium, and three servings of milk or most dairy products will provide you with about 1000 mg calcium, the daily recommended amount for most age groups.

“Many people are touting Greek yogurt as better than other yogurt”, states Sharon Buhr, licensed registered dietitian at Young People’s Healthy Heart Program at Mercy Hospital, “but that’s not necessarily true.” She states that Greek yogurt has more protein, but it my have more fat, and possibly less calcium. The key is to read the label and compare.

Buhr goes on to state that there are many benefits of yogurt, ranging from reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis and high blood pressure to keeping a person’s gut populated with active microflora which can enhance the body’s immune system.

Valley City has Farmers Markets operating on three different days. The Saturday market is located at Hinchberger Park and runs from 10-12 noon. The Monday market starts Monday, July 9th and will be located at the Rosebud Parking lot. The Thursday market starts July 12 and is located at the Pamida parking lot.