Rural mail carrier recognized for training

Duane Burchill, Rural Route 2 mail carrier for the Valley City Post Office, was recently recognized by the Dakota’s District of the United States Postal Service for his role as a Road Test Examiner/Trainer and Facilitator.

He received a letter of appreciation from the District commending him on his role in training new hires to our organization, said Valley City Postmaster Sherry Johnson.

Burchill said he has been working as a Road Test Examiner/Trainer and Facilitator “for four or five years, and with the post office about 25 years.”

Said Burchill, “I’ve been on the same route all these years. I know where all the snowbanks are supposed to sit.”

The rural route runs west and south of Valley City including the Kathryn Valley.

“The only part (of Barnes County) I don’t go is north. It’s about a 115-mile route.”

Burchill said this has been a great year for rural mail carriers. “It was a piece of cake this winter” due to a lack of snow.

He’s also looking forward to an easier driving spring because he is not anticipating much if any road flooding. “It should be easy this spring,” Burchill said.