Rosebud’s Weekend Worker Awarded for Her Customer Service

Lila Bemis doesn’t remember exactly when she started working weekends at the Rosebud Visitors Center, but she does know her time there is enjoyable.
Bemis, who is a retired tax accountant, works at the Rosebud every Saturday, Sunday and summer holiday, single-handedly keeping operations running when other employees aren’t there.

Wednesday, Dawn Riley, executive vice president for the Valley City Chamber of Commerce, presented Bemis with the Chamber’s monthly customer service award.

Residents of the community are able to nominate someone from Valley City’s business community who they feel is committed to providing excellent customer service and exceeding customers’ expectations. Applications are available on the Chamber’s website.

Bemis, who Chamber ambassadors called a role model for her dedication, said she was speechless upon receiving the award.

After finding words, Bemis said “This is fantastic,” adding that she enjoys the people in the community.”

Bemis began working at the Rosebud after retiring from Stephen Law Office at the age of 90. She did not want to quit working, but since the lawyer she worked for wanted to retire, she decided to start work at the Rosebud where she has been ever since.

She said her favorite part of the job is working with the people who come into the door of the Rosebud and talk with her.
After receiving her award, Chamber members sat down with Bemis for coffee and cake.