roosters, ducks and deer

Mid-October traditionally is high time for hunters with about every season imaginable OPEN-the exception is deer gun-and weather and field conditions typically overlap peak duck & goose migration along with optimal rooster chasing not to mention the build up of archery deer hunting. My point? Lots of field activity.
But unlike last year. This fall is wet. Across North Dakota I'm not sure if anyone is praying for a 1/2 inch of rain (or snow for that matter) but the prairie trails and backroads are soft, muddy and won't be drying out anytime soon.

Trust me I know and see all the farm, energy and school bus traffic across the state. But my job is to let hunters & anglers know we don't want to be the ones stuck off the edge of an approach looking for a toe rope and tractor to get you out.

Steer clear, park on the hard surface and just don't be that guy. Enjoy your weekend outdoors