Relay For Life Donation of $500,000 From Berntson Estate

Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

Barnes County residents gathered once again at the Barnes County Courthouse on June 17 to remember those lost to cancer and to honor those fighting cancer and who have fought cancer.

One of the nine participating teams, donated over $500,000 on behalf of the late Berntson Estate. Rachel McGuire, a family member, said, "We started this 12 years ago when [Denton's] wife Paulette passed away from breast cancer and a couple years ago Denton got diagnosed with cancer as well."

She continued, "He told me more than once that it was his hope that donating money to breast cancer research and cancer research in general would help prevent those one in four deaths in the US that you heard Sonya say earlier."

Denton passed away in February of this year and his wife Paulette passed away in 2004 after a battle with breast cancer.

For more information on the Relay For Life and on the Berntson donation look to this week's Times-Record.