Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign Coming to Valley City

Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – The American Red Cross and Valley City Fire Department are partnering for a ‘Home Fire Preparedness Campaign’ canvassing event in Valley City, with a goal of reducing deaths and injuries from home fires in the community.

The event is scheduled on Saturday, October 1st starting at 8:00 a.m. and involves installing smoke alarms in homes that need them and teaching people about what they can do now to be prepared should a fire break out in their home. Approximately 230 single-family homes will be canvassed. Those canvassing will meet at the Valley City Fire Department in the morning and disperse from there. This is the second canvassing event in Valley City this year.

“Installing smoke alarms cuts the risk of someone dying from a home fire in half, so we’re joining with groups from across our community to install smoke alarms,” said Jessica Kulzer, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager in Eastern North Dakota. “We also will be teaching people how to be safe should a fire occur in their home.”

Nationally, since the Home Fire Campaign was launched in October of 2014, the Red Cross and its campaign partners have helped save at least 100 lives and installed 300,000 smoke alarms in 4,900 cities and towns in all 50 states.

As part of the Home Fire Campaign, the Red Cross is calling on everyone to take two simple steps that can save lives: check their existing smoke alarms and practice fire drills at home.

If someone doesn’t have smoke alarms, install them. At a minimum, put one on every level of the home, inside bedrooms and outside sleeping areas. Local building codes vary and there may be additional requirements where someone lives. If someone does have alarms, test them today. If they don’t work, replace them. Make sure that everyone in the family knows how to get out of every room and how to get out of the home in less than two minutes and make sure to practice the plan.

People can visit to find out more about how to protect themselves and their loved homes from fire. To find out more about the Home Fire Campaign in this area or to become a volunteer, contact Jessica Kulzer at 701-320-8226 or