Rally in the Valley Set for this Weekend

Donovan Williams
Staff Writer

More excitement is on the way as we come to another Rally in the Valley in Valley City from June 16 to 17. It is a time where citizens of all ages can get together for some good fun. This event has impacted many people, including the hard workers behind it all. Kay Vinje, Executive Vice President of the Chambers of Commerce and Reah Tykwinski, Event Coordinator were happy to share their thoughts on the upcoming event.

"We got a lot of people that come from surrounding communities, they really take in this advantage and enjoy it. So it's not just for Valley City," Tykwinski revealed, "Some people come from Fargo to Valley, because it's such a pretty little community, it's exciting to hear the development is here. It's a fun, positive way to showcase our community. We've had several vendors this year that we didn't even contact. I've contacted lots of vendors this year but several actually reached out to us saying something like, 'Oh I've heard about your event, I'd like to be a part of it!' Valley City is a place where people want to be. They want to come visit. I didn't even realize it before but people love Valley City in Fargo and other areas or just how much it means to them."

More on this story can be found in the June 11 edition of the Times-Record.