Rain Possible, Heat Probable

A small chance of rain might offer a brief respite from the heat on Saturday, but a lack of winds will make for a humid Sunday if it does fall.

Today will be hot and dry with a high temperature of around 89 degrees, but the area will see a 20 percent chance of rain beginning this evening that will carry over to a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms throughout the day on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service graphical forecast data.

Vince Godon, a NWS meteorologist in Grand Forks, said if the weather does get wet on Saturday it’s hard to tell how much will fall.
“In convection in the summer, you can have a couple inches in one spot and a mile away have hardly anything,” Godon said.

Wind speeds will be light over the weekend, and should a thunderstorm pass through, the lack of a breeze and the resulting humidity could make for some uncomfortable air.

Saturday’s high will be 85 and the chance of rain will drop to 10 percent while the temps will see a low of 63.

Sunday’s high will be 86 and hot and dry without a Saturday rain, or hot and humid with it.

“The crops are starting to contribute to some of the humidity as well now,” said Godon.

Sunday night holds a 10 percent chance and a low of 67.

Starting next week, Monday will have a high of 88 and a 34 percent chance of rain that will decrease throughout the day, and early projections show dry conditions for Wednesday, the Fourth of July.