Postmaster Sherry L. Johnson Retires

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By Ellie Boese
Sherry Johnson was first appointed postmaster in 1990, after already serving almost 8 years in the postal service in Fort Ransom. Between then and now, she has been postmaster in Kathryn, Lisbon, Casselton, and Enderlin, also spending time as SCF Manager in Jamestown (twice) and Acting Manager of Post Office Operations in Grand Forks. She’s been postmaster in Valley City since 2004.
Now, she’s retiring from her long postal career with a mix of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement.
Sherry came into the postal service for a couple of reasons: (1) it was close to her home, and (2) it basically ran in her blood.
“I lived a block from the post office. My mother was actually in the position that I had there when I started. She retired from the post office as well, in Fargo,” she said. “My dad actually brought the mail into the offices as a route driver, and my grandfather was involved in rural mail carrier delivery services. There’s a long line of postal history in my family.”
Since she first began her career in 1982, the Postal Service has experienced quite a lot of change.
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