Police Patrol Parks After Dark

Valley City Police are stepping up patrol after a rash of suspicious activity and now a Monday-night arson were reported in Valley City’s Chautauqua and City Parks.

“We had some people call in and say that there were some people down there that looked kind of suspicious,” said Tyler Jacobson, Valley City Parks and Recreation director.

“We called the police and asked if they step up their patrol. We’ve also had a couple of fires going on out at Chautauqua; a couple individuals burned up one of garbage cans completely and burned one of our dumpsters too.”

The city-owned dumpster was spared from severe damage but the garbage can located near the playground was a complete loss at about $700.
Police responded to a report that a black male was being assaulted in City Park on Thursday but when officers arrived the individuals involved said they were just playing around.

Police have also received reports of individuals drinking 40-ounce bottles of beer in City Park, along with possible drug activity. Both parks are open to the public during the daytime, but admittance is prohibited after dark, except in Chautauqua Park if the Dakota Pavilion is being used.

Residents can report any suspicious activity they observe to the Valley City Police Department at 845-3110.