Police Chief holds Conference on Missing VCSU Student

The five-day search for a missing Valley City State University student ended Monday on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.

Valley City Police Chief Fred Thompson held a press conference Tuesday afternoon stating that the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department in Arizona informed VCPD hours earlier they had located 22-year-old Amber Glatt, who suffers from reccurring amnesia.

“The missing persons part of it (this case) is closed,” Thompson said. “There’s a few other details we want to clear up and we will work to do that before we officially close everything.”

Arizona law enforcement was able to track Glatt to a pay phone she had used Monday night to call a phone number she found in the glove compartment of her Mitsubishi Lancer that she had disappeared with. The phone number belonged to Glatt’s mother, Amy Rines, a Virginia woman who made Glatt carry the number in her car after she began having amnesia episodes following a 2010 head injury.

Rines alerted the VCPD about the call and told the Times-Record Monday night that she planned to fly out to meet her daughter in the morning, but Thompson said that reunion had not yet happened at the time of the press conference.

Thompson said Glatt’s vehicle had not yet been located and she had been traveling with a group of unidentified people, however there was no verified information as of yet on how she wound up at the Grand Canyon.
Thompson said he did not know what the immediate future held for Glatt.
“Amber is an adult and she can go where she wants,” Thompson said. “We have no legal reason to force her to return to Valley City. If she decides to tell the deputy down there that she wants to continue on with that group of people she’s with, that’s her choice,” Thompson said.