Perspective From a Snowplow

Ashley Limesand
Staff Writer

With each blizzard the winter carries across the county, citizens experience the struggles of trying to get around the area through snow drifts, blowing snow, winds that chill a person to the bone, and most troublesome this year, an impenetrable layer of ice.

Citizens are in a rush trying to get where they need to go as fast as they can to make up for any time lost due to the weather.

In their rush, they may not always take a minute to think about those crews out there whose job it is to clear those roads and clean up mother nature's mess.

With winters like this year's it is extra important to remember those who work long hours and weeks to keep the roads safe and passable.

I recently had the chance to ride on a Barnes County Highway Department snow plow truck with Road Foreman Dennis Moritz and experience winter from a new perspective.

Read this story in the Jan. 23 edition of the Times-Record.