Pedal and Pump Class at Gaukler Wellness Center

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Joseph Kjos
Pedal and Pump is a one-day class held in the Gaukler Family Wellness Center in the Large Fitness Room on the 2nd floor. Beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday the 23rd, the class will last 45 minutes to an hour and will be consist of cycling which will be broken by short intervals of high-intensity exercises.
The class will be led by Ali Keller and Stacy Ingstad. Keller is certified in CrossFit training, weight lifting and powerlifting. Ingstad is a certified running coach and yoga coach. Both are certified trainees in cycling and hold about 30 years of experience between themselves. Keller will coach the interval training, and Ingstad will coach the cycling.
There are only 15 bikes available, and those interested can easily register through the Events page of the Wellness Center on FaceBook. The class is free for members of the Wellness Center, and only $5.00 for anyone else.
The interval exercises may depend on who attends. “Everything is able to be modified and scaled down to a person’s ability,” Keller says “so this class is open to people of all ages and strength levels.” Possible interval training she intends to use are plyometric and weight lifting exercises. Even the possibility of working in teams is open. The cycling coupled with the intervals will develop the stamina, endurance, strength, and flexibility of those who attend.
Keller considers the aim of the class to provide training for healthy lifestyle living: “I think we all need a little bit of that, whether its physical training or mental well being, and this can be a fun way to do that, especially with a trainer who can help you or working with others, It can make a good bonding experience with a work out buddy. And our overall goal is to bring more healthy living to Valley City as a whole.”