PD chief field down to 5

The city of Valley City has narrowed their search for a new Chief of Police to three out-of-state and two local candidates, according to City Administrator and hiring committee member David Schelkopf. Mark McDonald, Doug Kiefert, Fred Thompson, Patricia Nowak and Ryan Evans have been selected for final in-person interviews to take place from May 8 to 15.

“Any one of the people on this list would be a fine candidate for Valley City,” Schelkopf said. “Now we just have to drill them and pick the best one.”

The selection will likely be announced by May 16. Schelkopf said selections will mostly be based on experience in law enforcement and the candidate’s level of education, such as a bachelor’s degree in a field relating to the police department.

“Capabilities, communication skills and vision are another good thing to look at,” Schelkopf said. “What are their management skills and styles?”
The candidates are:

Fred Thompson of Henderson, Nev., is currently a captain with the Henderson Police Department, and has 28.5 years of experience in law enforcement. Thompson has trained at the FBI National Academy, holds a BA in public administration-law enforcement and an Associate of Applied Science Degree in criminal justice.

Ryan Evans of Monticello, Iowa, is currently an instructor for Tactical-Insights LLC, and brings 18 years of law enforcement experience as the former police chief of Douglas, Wyo. and Monticello, Iowa. Evans holds a criminal justice major, Iowa Peace Officer Certification and State of Wyoming and Professional Peace Officer Certification.

Patricia Nowak of Haslett, Mich., is currently a Sergeant of Records Bureau/Quartermaster and has 30 years of experience. Nowak holds a B.S. in criminal justice and psychology, as well as M.S. degrees in criminal justice and social work.

Mark McDonald of Valley City is currently the acting police chief for the VCPD, and brings 27 years of experience to the position. McDonald holds a B.S. in criminal justice and a minor in sociology, and has received Law Enforcement Academy and Emergency Medical Technical-Basic training.

Doug Kiefert of Valley City is currently sergeant with the VCPD and has 30 years of experience, including serving as the police chief of Kindred. Kiefert has completed the Police Basic Course, as well as State Certified Law Enforcement Training.

“We were really pleased with two of the local applicants,” Schelkopf said. “It was nice, being new here, to read about the qualifications and get a little bit more knowledge of the quality of employees we have in the city.”