Opinion: Spring's warmth is good news for local sports fans

As a reporter, you tend to spend time on the phone.
Some of it's spent arranging interviews, some of it's spent hearing what information you got wrong. Fortunately, there's been a non-work related phone call I've been making a lot lately and it's the most anticipated phone call a guy can get after a long day's work.
It goes something like this:
(Ring ring)
"Hey, it's Scott. You want to play catch?"
"Yeah, sure. I'll meet you at City Park in a few minutes."
The call is followed by the simplest of pleasures — an hour of tossing cowhide amongst a few leather mits.
It's one of the many signs that, despite fun winter seasons from plenty of local teams and athletes, spring will soon be here in all its glory.
Soon, the small buds of green peeking out of grassy areas will become a full-fledged patch of grass.
As they do, the local high school softball and baseball teams, which started practice Monday, will be ready to improve on last season's performances when games start up in April.
Similarly, other local sports will be starting up as well.
- Local golfers were able to get their fix starting Friday when the Valley City Town and Country Club opened its course for the first time. Soon the VCSU and VCHS golf teams will be back on the links for the spring season.
- Outside, the roads and sidewalks around Valley City have been clear of the wet and snow for few days, creating optimal running conditions. Convenient since the indoor high school track and field season officially started last weekend for Valley City. Come April, the meets will be outdoors, with plenty of chances for you to check the team out at home. Likewise, VCSU's track team starts its outdoor season March 31.
- Tennis and basketball courts are plenty accessible, and from what I've seen have been put to good use. The VCHS girls tennis team has until mid-April to start their first matches.
- I've even seen roving packs of roller bladers and skateboarders enjoying the cool nights around town, potentially paving the way for some street hockey.
Just thinking about it gives me that itch. A spring fever of sorts brought on by the anticipation of getting back outside. Whatever your sport, relief is here.
Out of the cold, into the sun.
Bring your glove.

Scott Schlaufman is sports editor for the Valley City Times-Record and totally loves that the Broncos are getting Peyton Manning. He can be reached at 845-0463 or trsports@times-online.com