Open Door Center Residents Keep Busy With Vehicle Wash

For just $30, Valley City residents can have their vehicles cleaned, inside and out, by residents of the Open Door Center, which is a local organization that provides day, residential and vocational services for individuals with disabilities including children and adults with developmental disabilities, adults with mental illness and people with a traumatic brain injury.

The car wash program is run through a nonprofit company called Nish, which specializes in finding work for people with disabilities.

Laura Peterson, program director at the Open Door Center, said the program, which is available to residents throughout the entire center, is a good way of giving their individuals work.

“There’s a lot of individuals who really enjoy it,” Peterson said, adding that the program is a good way for residents to stay busy and make money.

“They do make money; it is a job,” she said.

Individuals are paid on an hourly rate.

The wash is run every Wednesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the summer months, depending on the weather and temperature. Peterson said the car wash cannot be run when it’s below 30 degrees.

Residents use environmentally-friendly procedures to wash the interior and exterior of vehicles. The exterior is steam cleaned with a machine that uses less than a half a gallon of water to do each vehicle.

“It’s not a typical car wash,” Peterson said.

On the inside, vehicles are vacuumed and wiped down, and the windows are also washed.

It takes no longer than an hour and a half for residents to complete the wash.

The program has been in effect since January, and it’s the only program like it available to Open Door Center residents.

Currently, vehicles are being washed at group home one, located at 240 4th Avenue Southeast. Sherri Horsager can answer questions at (701) 840-0995.