Official in Hit-and-Run Accident

A Valley City city official was charged with misdemeanor duty upon striking an unattended vehicle last month.

The official was coming onto Sixth Street NE in Valley City near the intersection of Chautauqua Boulevard, and encountered a large city truck approaching from the opposite direction. The official moved to the right and hit a parked car. After inspecting both cars, the official decided the damage was minimal, and went on. Presumably, said the official, the truck driver called the police.

The official said that because damage was minimal, the official thought there was no need to leave a name and number, but takes full responsibility.

“I should have left my card,” said the official.

According to State’s attorney Lee Grossman, who will act as Special Assistant City Attorney, the law requires that a person who hits an unoccupied car must call law enforcement.

Because of the defendant’s roll in city government, City Attorney Russell Myhre and Valley City Municipal Judge Tom Goven recused themselves from the case. Acting as City Attorney, Grossman will prosecute the case, likely in front of Judge Tim Ottmar of Jamestown. A date has not been set yet.

Editor’s note: The Valley City Times-Record policy is to not publish names of accused until after he/she has appeared in court.