Newlywed Couple Sees Bright Future

For a young, newlywed couple, an exciting and often unknown future is in store. Newlyweds Tommy and Sasha Newman, Valley City, have already made memories as a married couple that will last them a lifetime.

With Valentine’s Day today, romance is in the air, but Sasha said Tommy was romantic from the start.

“He was really good for me; he would do anything for me,” she said.

Sasha says Valentine’s Day is one of her favorite holidays and she is excited to spend the day with her husband. Tommy said, “Valentine’s Day is a great day to spend with your loved one.” So the couple plans to spend the day together, having supper and going to a movie. They enjoy going on dinner and movie dates, and often double-date with their family.

In fact, the pair honeymooned in Las Vegas with Tommy’s mom and stepdad, Ron and Bonnie Nickelsen.

Family is very important to the couple, so when Tommy proposed, he knew he wanted his family to be there.

The couple, who will be married for two years in July, met in 2004 at Tommy’s high school graduation. They remained friends for a couple years before “he finally asked me out,” Sasha said.

After three years of dating, Tommy asked Sasha to be his bride on Christmas, but she had to tear through some tape and several boxes before seeing the ring.

The pair was at Tommy’s dad and step mom Lenny and Patty Newman’s for the holiday, and after the family opened gifts, Sasha saw that there was one box left.

“Everyone had their presents, and then Timmy (Tommy’s brother) passed the last box to me, and said, ‘Oh, we forgot one,’ and Tommy was standing up,” she said.

“I’m trying to open it up, and everyone’s looking at me, and I can’t even get the tape off and everyone starts laughing. So Tommy gets me a scissor so I can open it like that,” Sasha said. “I finally got it open, and then I had to go into another box, and finally when I got that one open, I opened up the ring.”

“Then I looked at it and I just started bawling, and then he asked me to marry him,” Sasha said.

Although they’re not even two years in, the Newmans hope for a long and happy marriage.

“Hopefully we’ll be married for 80 years,” Sasha said, adding that she looks up to the relationship of her parents, Rick and Jodi Rahlf of Cooperstown, who recently renewed their wedding vows.

Sasha said marriage is fun but it’s also a lot of hard work. She said since taking their vows in Chautauqua Park on a hot July afternoon in 2011, their lives have changed.

“Well he doesn’t give back rubs anymore,” Sasha joked. The couple also moved into a three-bedroom house and took on the responsibility of pet ownership.

Sasha bought Tommy a pug named Benjamin for a wedding present.

“He kind of changed our life,” she said. “He just makes us happy. If we’re in a bad mood, he’s right there. He’s like our depression pill.”

With sparkling rings, a spoiled dog and seven years of memories, the couple say they see more positive changes in the future.

They want to have children and buy a house all while expanding Tommy’s lawn care business that he runs with his dad.

Tommy admires Sasha for her hard work ethic and goals, and Sasha said, “he’s the one that’s hardworking.”

“Plus he’s a very good communicator — he’s good with his words.”
Tommy said, “Our marriage is a blessing.”

In addition to operating his business Double N Lawncare, Tommy works for Border States Paving in the summer and does snow removal for The Groundsmen in the winter. Sasha is a licensed practical nurse for Ave Maria Village in Jamestown. Sasha graduated Griggs County High School in Cooperstown in 2006, and Tommy graduated from Valley City High School in 2004.