NDSU Researcher Shows Interest in Local Program

Dr. Mark Strand, an associate professor in the North Dakota State University Masters in Public Heath program, recently contacted the Valley City-Barnes County health district, curious about CCHD’s Chronic Disease Management program.

Earlier this month, Strand, who was unavailable for comment on Friday, met with CCHD Director Theresa Will to ask about the program. Will said he offered help to her in writing a case study on the program that would be submitted as a medical journal article.

“He heard about our program and wanted to find out more about it,” Will said. “He would like to help promote what this program is.”

Strand, who spent several years studying chronic disease in China, has been the lead author on 10 of 12 published articles since 2006, with nine of them focusing on the causes and effects of disease in rural and urban China.

Will said she has written a few articles before, but nothing as professional enough as a journal entry.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Will told the CCHD Board that the doctor found good things about the health district’s practices and a few things he’d like to change.

“He sees our program as being very easy to move into another county or area that’s rural,” Will said. “He’d like to see it structured a little bit differently – not keeping people on the service as long we did keep some of them on.”

Will said the department’s approach was to teach patients as much as they can teach and to follow up to maintain healthy practices, adding that the Jamestown public health department does not stay involved as long as CCHD does.

“They had good outcomes and so did we, but a year down the road or six months down the road, are those people still as well off as when they were discharged?” Will said.

Strand is currently working on a diabetes program with Sanford Health, and CCHD Board member Dr. James Buhr expressed interest in possibly assisting Strand with his research.