NDACDA Show Choir Showcase

TR Staff
Staff Writer

By Ellie Boese
The Jamestown High School Theater was filled to the brim with music and showmanship as North Dakota high school show choirs displayed their talents. JHS Show Choir, Horizon Middle School Husky Singers, Wahpeton’s Encore, and Valley City Show Choir came together to watch one another, promote the unique camaraderie of the arts, and learn some new things about singing and dancing.
All of the choirs flooded the stage to perform Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” to open the event. JHS exhibited beautiful vocal harmonies and intricate choreography during their set, performing “Footloose,” “Free Ride,” “Rhythm of Love,” “Dancing Queen” and “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me.” The HMS Husky Singers sang and danced to “Walking on Sunshine” and performed a moving arrangement of “This is Me” from the movie The Greatest Showman (I’m serious—it made me cry). Encore hauled a whole stage set with them to give the audience a vivid taste of Les Miserables in a medley that featured many solos, duets and group contributions. VCHS’s Show Choir took the stage last, performing Rosanna, Happy Together, Flashlight, and Get Ready/Dancing in the street. Following their set, VCHS was joined on stage by each school’s choir, and they finished the show all together, the same way they began.
It was a stunning show of talent, a concert that reminded me much of my own time in show choir and gave me—and the rest of the audience, no doubt—great hope for this world and its integrity as schools send these young men and women into the world to make music and inspire those who take the time to listen.
Valley City Show Choir Members are as follows: Jack Ingstad, Austin Brandt, Daniel Wintch and Adam Bitz—Bass; Jonathan Redfearn, Derek Bear, Alex Thornton and Cade Powers—Tenor; Maggie Oberlander, Mikayla Wolla, Mikayla Wadeson, Ally Anderson, Lillian Kiefert, Josie Berntson and Rose Zeltinger—Alto; Julia Rash, Elizabeth Gazeley, Cara Van Bruggen, Talia Germann, Anne Bjornson, Haley Dalgliesh and Monisha Terry—Soprano.
Choir directors Cheryl McIntyre (JHS Show Choir), Connie Stordalen (HMS Husky Singers), Dean Amodt (Encore), and Sheila Zinke (Valley City Show Choir) do a wonderful job with their students, cultivating talent and teaching skills and teamwork that will stick with them the rest of their lives. Bravo!