ND Winter Show Kicking Off Soon

Along with Mixed Martial Arts fighting, the Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce Chili Cook Off and Community Olympics will serve as kick-off’s to the 2013 North Dakota Winter Show.

Winter Show Manager Dawn Riley said Monday this year’s cook off and olympics will take place Monday, March 4. The Chili Cook Off will start at 5:30 p.m. and the Community Olympics start at 7 p.m. Teams from all over the area compete to see who has the best chili recipe and best booth decorating skills. Prizes are also awarded for the many events at the Community Olympics.

The Chili Cook Off consists of teams of people who put their chili making skills to work and who are the most creative by decorating their booths with a “theme” of their choosing.

Riley said the public will be able to buy a cup of chili for $2 (including spoons), and have the opportunity to vote for the People’s Choice winner in the chili cook off.

Purchasers will also get a ticket to put in a tub signifying their favorite chili.

People are encouraged to visit every booth to get a sample and can also return to get more of their favorite. Once all the tickets have been collected and counted, the top team wins the People’s Choice Award.

For other awards, winners will be selected by a panel of chili judges, who will taste each chili identified only by a number. The chili will be judged on flavor, aroma, texture, and kick and the first place team gets the honor of hosting the traveling chili trophy until the next Chili Cook Off.

“The Chili Cook off has been going on for a number of years,” Riley said. Along with the best chilli in the opinion of judges, other prizes will be awarded, including one for the best costume for the Chili Cook off, Riley said.

After the Chili Cook Off comes the Community Olympics. Teams participate in events such as the tug-of-war, egg toss, outhouse horseshoes, buffalo chip toss, smoosh race and modified chuckwagon race. Riley said the tug of war is always a crowd favorite, but all events are exciting. The egg toss is where two members from each team toss an egg back and forth until it breaks. Outhouse horseshoes is just like the classic game, but it’s played with toilet seat covers. The smoosh race uses smoosh boards or 2x4’s that have three straps on them. Six people from each team will split up so three people use the smoosh boards to race about 20 feet across the half way point where the other group of three smoosh back across the finish line. The modified chuckwagon race requires only that each team provide their own or borrow a ‘chuckwagon’. There are no limits on modifications which makes for an interesting variety. Each race consists of four team members – one puller, one pusher and two riders. After one lap, the puller and pusher become riders and the riders must push and pull the wagon. Winners from each event as well as the top three overall winners take home trophies. Riley said there will also be a sportsmanship award given to the team showing the best team spirit.

Riley said everyone is welcome to create a team or cheer on their favorite team. For more information on the Chili Cook Off and Community Olympics, contact the Chamber of Commerce at 845-1891 or chamber@hellovalley.com.