Nazarene Church Depicts Christmas Story

The Christmas story, which is the story of the birth of Jesus Christ as told in the book of Matthew from the Bible, has been told in a variety of ways throughout many cultures and generations.

The Nazarene Church in Valley City is telling the story through the eighth annual “Journey Through Christmas” Dec. 13 and 14 from 7-9 p.m.
The event depicts the Christmas story in six scenes with 30 costumed characters and live animals.

“It is called ‘Journey Through Christmas’ because it is a drive-through experience,” the church said in an email.

Visitors will see Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem, with a live donkey. On arriving at Bethlehem, they are seen trying to get a room at the Inn.

Other scenes depict the angel appearing to the shepherd, the wise men at King Herod’s palace, the nativity at the stable of Bethlehem, and the empty tomb of Jesus.  

The scenes are set up in the neighborhood surrounding the First Church of the Nazarene in Valley City, on Riverview Drive and Hanna Avenue. 
The church provides costumes made by their congregation.

Around 100 of our church family volunteers for all the different aspects of the event,” Katie Meyer, administrative assistant, said.

“Journey Through Christmas was the brain child of our former pastor who did a lot of the initial work on the sets,” Meyer said. “He helped us see the vision of how we could bless our community. It highlights the true meani
ng of Christmas, beyond the stress and business of the season.”
Last year around 700 people drove through the free event.