ON THE MOVE to host supermarket tours in Valley City

Special to the Times-Record

Have you ever wondered which bread is the healthiest, or which margarine to buy or which cereal is best for your family? With thousands of products lining the shelves of the grocery stores, it can be overwhelming to shop when considering health, budget and taste.

Become a supermarket sleuth and search out healthy foods at the ON THE MOVE Supermarket Tours. There will be a tour at Marketplace Foods on Tuesday, January 24 from 5:15-6:15 pm. There will also be a tour at Leevers on Thursday, January 26 from 10:00-11:00am.

Learn the labeling loopholes and learn to fight labeling deception as Sue Milender, Licensed Registered Dieitian and Valley City Public Schools Nutrition Services Director, offers her insight on nutrition labels on a variety of products. She will answer questions in each section of the store and provide practical shopping advice.

These tours are free to ON THE MOVE Goals Plus members and only $5 for anyone that is not a paid ON THE MOVE member.

Please call Young People’s Healthy Heart Program at Mercy Hospital to register for either of the Supermarket Tours at 845-6456 or sign up at the courtesy counter of the respective grocery store.