Man Fires Shots at Dogs in VC

Shots were fired early Sunday morning as a Valley City man claimed to feel threatened by a pair of dogs. The man, who fired several shots at the pit bulls, reported the incident.
Valley City police received a call from Nathan Preston, 24, of 718 Second Street SW, Valley City, Preston informed the communications operator that he was attacked by two pit bulls and, feeling threatened, he fired several rounds at the approaching dogs.
According to Valley City Police Chief Fred Thompson in a press release, "officers observed two pit bulls leaving the area. Preston explained that he was sleeping beside a camp fire when a friend of his, Jeanine Russell, 39, began to scream that the pit bulls were approaching. Russell attempted to distract the dogs by beating a stick on the ground which apparently worked as the dogs started to leave the area. Preston then walked out to the front yard to his boat when the dogs turned and began to advance on him again.
"Russell then obtained a handgun and walked towards Preston who took the firearm from her. With the dogs approximately three feet away, Preston stated he felt as if the dogs were going to attack him, so to protect himself he fired multiple rounds, 6 to 7, at the approaching dogs. The dogs then fled the area.
"A canvas of the area by police determined that no humans, houses, or property, had been struck by the discharged rounds and empty shell casings were located and impounded as evidence. An attempt was made to capture the pit bulls observed in the area but they evaded capture.
"This investigation is continuing with the police requesting anyone with any information to contact us at 701-845-3110. When this investigation is completed it will be submitted to the State's Attorney's Office for determination as to whether or not any charges will be filed.'