Leevers Under New Affiliation

Leevers Foods, one of two grocery stores in Valley City, has dropped its affiliation with SuperValu and is now carrying products from the Nash Finch Company. Dave Heisler, vice president of Leevers Foods, said the only significant change will be in the store brand label.

The Our Family brand, which has been around for 100 years, offers “a lot wider variety and high quality products,” according to Heisler.

Leever’s was formerly under the SuperValu affiliation with the Flavorite store brand label.

Other than the brand change customers shouldn’t expect to see too many changes.

Nash Finch got its start in the 1880s in Devils Lake, which is where Leevers Foods is headquartered. Nash Finch is currently based in Minneapolis, Minn. Heisler said that Nash Finch always wanted to obtain their business, so they made a negotiation and switched to Nash Finch in June.

Leevers Foods told its associates both Nash Finch and Leevers Foods “value community involvement, commitment to our customers and outstanding customer service. And finally, we have an equal devotion to quality.”

There are seven Leevers stores throughout the state.